Little Inventors

It doesn't take an inventing genius to work out that Inventors Month is a pretty big deal for us.

First recognised in the USA in 1998, National Inventors Month comes around each May to celebrate creativity, curiosity, ingenuity and experimentation. Technically every month is Inventors Month for us but May is when we like to really amp it up.

Look around you. Every item you see, from that kettle to that chair, was invented by someone to satisfy a need. We've come a long way from the paper and ink invented by ancient Egypt and the wheel invented by ancient Mesopotamia. Now we have the most amazing technology and awe-inspiring innovations springing up all the time. But there are still big and small problems in life that we wish we had the ideal item or contraption to solve!

Our Inventors Month challenges celebrate and explore the great minds of the past and the possibility of ingenious young minds producing spectacular new inventions. They encourage children to develop their problem-solving skills and embrace the fun of valuable STEM subjects.

Check out May 2023's challenge: What's Your Problem?